THE TIDE EXPERIMENT is implemented for the fifth time this year with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

The TIDE Experiment exists since 2012 and consists in the strategic coordination of multi-territorial releases of films on Day-and-Date (simultaneous or quasi simultaneous VoD and theatrical releases) and, as of 2015, on Festival-to-Date (simultaneous or quasi simultaneous VoD and festival releases) with an articulated and transversal distribution and marketing strategy.

The TIDE Experiment’s main objective is to contribute to the circulation and promotion of European films in the current context of transition is distribution models. TIDE’s added value compared to the situation of the current running of audiovisual markets relies in the implementation of the following solutions to some of the current problems of film distribution in Europe. The TIDE Experiment is geared in a fluid collaborative process involving several European companies in a multi-territory approach. This methodology was successfully tested during four years and continuously improved throughout the years.

For this new edition, most of the Tide releases will focus on three territories where Day-and-Date releases and transversal marketing strategies are delivering the best results and where the TIDE set-up might prove more meaningful. To achieve this new focus in Southern Europe, TIDE partnered with three key distributors: Alambique in Portugal, Just Wanted Cinema in Italy and Karma Films in Spain. Films will be sourced in major film festivals.

Under The Milky Way coordinates the digital distribution, The Festival Agency takes care of the Festival-To-Date releases and The Film Agency coordinates the Transversal Marketing of the Action.

with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union