After the Night



Director : Basil Da Cunha

Producer : Box Productions

Sales Agent : Urban Distribution International

Distributors : Numéro Zéro (Belgique), Capricci Cine (Espagne), Capricci UK Ltd (Royaume-Uni), Capricci (France)

Portuguese title : Até ver a luz – French title : Après la nuit – Spanish Title : Hasta Ver la Luz

A pan-European and day-and-date release via the TIDE Experiment

Straight out of jail, Sombra returns to his life as a drug dealer in the creole slum of Lisbon. In between the money he has lent and can’t get back, the money he owes, a fanciful iguana, an invasive little girl and a ringleader who begins to mistrust him, he starts to think that he might have been better off in the clink…


France – VoD : 9th of April 2014

Spain – VoD/Theaters : 16th of April

France – Theaters : 23rd of April

Belgium – VoD/Theaters : 23rd of April

United Kingdom – VoD/Theaters : 25th of April