The TIDE Experiment, is being supported for the fourth time by the European Commission within the framework of the Creative Europe Programme.
Since 2012, Tide has implemented innovative multi-territorial, Day-and-Date and Festival-To-Date releases. The three previous editions involved 11 films coming from 8 international sales agents, more than 30 local distributors, 50 exhibitors, 40 film services suppliers, 20 VOD platforms, and 4 top film festivals, in more than 15 European territories. Under The Milky Way coordinates the digital distribution, The Festival Agency takes care of the Festival-To-Date releases and The Film Agency coordinates the Transversal Marketing of the Action.The Tide Experiment is an action subsided by the MEDIA Creative Europe program;

For this new edition, most of the Tide releases will focus on three territories where Day-and-Date releases and transversal marketing strategies are delivering the best results and where the TIDE set-up might prove more meaningful. To achieve this new focus in Southern Europe, TIDE partnered with three key distributors: Alambique in Portugal, Feltrinelli in Italy and Karma Films in Spain. Films will be sourced in major film festivals. Parallel to this, another film will come from the long-term partnership with Autlook Film Sales, which was renewed in this edition after the fruitful collaborations of the past and given the strength of the line-up for this undertaking.