Synopsis: Misho owns a small factory but is forced to drive a taxi on the side. Taking his daughter to school one morning, he assures her everything will soon work out, despite the fact, that three crooked men are at his factory awaiting a court order to seize his business assets. During a meeting with his banker Popov, Misho grasps the full extent of the corruption that will crush him and threaten his family. The bribe Popov requests to secure financing has doubled, because the ethics review board that dismissed Misho’s complaint about extortion now demands a share of the action. In despair he shoots the banker and then himself. Taxi driver Rada picks up a surgeon en route to perform a heart transplant. It will be his last operation before relocating to Hamburg. They learn from the radio that the shooter, a taxi driver, is in critical condition. Rada speculates that her fellow driver could be the donor in question. Through the night, callers to the radio station express a range of opinions about the murder and attempted suicide, but they all recognize Misho’s desperation as painfully familiar. Kosta picks up a couple giggling like children en route to a “discrete hotel” and then three young men out drinking. None of them want to hear him talk about the son he recently lost. Kosta later spots a lonely dog beside the road, which becomes his new companion. Zhoro pulls his taxi up to a man about to jump of a bridge to insist he should be paid for the call. He has used this line to engage others on the brink before. The jumper, Petar, is a teacher, whose teenage students that day humiliated him with a practical joke they posted on social media. He will jump rather than go home to face his children. Zhoro asks Petar to consider the consequences of jumping and gets him to step off the ledge to talk. Zhoro is a gym teacher by day and drives the night shift to make ends meet. He suggests that if Petar took a second job of any sort, he could break the plight of being overeducated and underpaid. Mitko secretly resets his meter to charge Vlado, the crooked officer we met before, more than twice what he normally pays to get home. As the altercation escalates, Mitko learns – but all too late – that under pressure apparently timid people can be deadly. At the airport, Rada picks up a man she had not seen for years; and reminds him they were at university together. Rada was at the top of her class with a grant to study in Rome when Manol, who sat on the elite Communist student review committee, vetoed her trip because she had rejected his romantic advances. That incident ruined her life. Manol is now an elite businessman who lives in Vienna and hates his country, returning only long enough to close deals. Rada launches into taking revenge on Manol at the point of a gun. She reduces him to a sobbing heap on the ground. Andrei, a priest during the day who drives at night to feed his family, picks up Nikola, a frail unemployed baker, who will receive Misho’s heart. En route to the hospital Andrei and Nikola argue about the presence of God in our lives – something Nikolai has never felt. Where was God when people fell victim to poverty, despair and violence – forgetting the difference between good and evil? And where in the world was He when we lost all sense of direction? Should He be welcomed into the old heart or the new transplant? The film ends as Misho’sdaughter Nikol walks to school through fresh morning snow.

Release dates Day&Date

Italy : November 23

Spain : December 1

Portugal : November 30

with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union